Chapter IV: The Clothes Found is the 4-th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 7-11 with Daisy as narrator.


Daisy recounts her childhood, leading up to her sixteenth birthday when her parents are car-bombed by Gilead agents.


Section 7Edit

(Witness Testimony 369B) Daisy is a young woman in Canada. Neil and Melanie are her parents, and they run a used clothing store called the Clothes Hound.

Missionaries from Gilead clad in white pearl necklaces often show up in pairs trying to evangelize. They bring brochures that advertise Gilead and demand the return of “Baby Nicole,” a child who was smuggled out of Gilead by a Handmaid. Nicole’s whereabouts are unknown, but she has become a rallying cry for both sides.

One day, there’s a planned protest against Gilead at school. Her parents don’t permit her to go even though they are firmly anti-Gilead, but she goes anyway. On the news, Daisy can be seen participating. A few days later there is a break-in at the store. The day after, a Pearl Girl is found dead.

On Daisy’s birthday, Melanie tells her she has something important to tell her later, but while she’s at school, her parents are murdered by a car bomb. Her parent’s friend, Ada, picks Daisy up and tells her the news.

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