Chapter IV: The Clothes Hound is the 4-th chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 7-11 with Daisy as narrator.


Daisy recounts her childhood, leading up to her sixteenth birthday when her parents are car-bombed by Gilead agents.


Section 7Edit

(Witness Testimony 369B) Daisy is a young woman in Canada. Neil and Melanie are her parents, and they run a used clothing store called the Clothes Hound.

Section 8 Edit

Missionaries from Gilead clad in white pearl necklaces often show up in pairs trying to evangelize. They bring brochures that advertise Gilead and demand the return of “Baby Nicole,” a child who was smuggled out of Gilead by a Handmaid. Nicole’s whereabouts are unknown, but she has become a rallying cry for both sides.

Section 9 Edit

Section 10 Edit

One day, there’s a planned protest against Gilead at school. Her parents don’t permit her to go even though they are firmly anti-Gilead, but she goes anyway. On the news, Daisy can be seen participating.

Section 11 Edit

A few days later there is a break-in at the store. The day after, a Pearl Girl is found dead.

On Daisy’s birthday, Melanie tells her she has something important to tell her later, but while she’s at school, her parents are murdered by a car bomb. Her parent’s friend, Ada, picks Daisy up and tells her the news.

Notable QuotesEdit

"Their pearls are fake. Everything about them is fake."
- Melanie to the appearance of Pearl Girls[src]


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