Chapter II: Precious Flower is the second chapter of The Testaments. It contains section 2-5 with Agnes as narrator.


Agnes recounts her early childhood until her mother, Tabitha, passes away.


A girl, Agnes Jemima, describes life in a place called Gilead. It’s an Authoritarian state with strict rules. This girl wears a yellow, white and plum dress, which denotes that she is an upper-class young girl. Her mother is Tabitha and her father is Commander Kyle. Shunammite is her best friend.

The women here must stay covered up, and they are taught that men are smarter than women. Their instructors are called “Aunts”. Household help are “Marthas.” “Handmaids” are assigned to houses without children when wives are unable to bear children. Men that serve as guards are called “Angels.”

Tabitha is sick and passes away.

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