High Commander George Winslow is a minor recurring character in season three of The Handmaid's Tale.



Appears as a clean shaven.


Is described as a Manly Man[citation needed]. A Macho Man type[Neutral point of view].


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Fred and Serena tell June they are guests of High Commander George Winslow. June walks with Rita, who tells her that the baby is the only thing that Serena wanted.

June and the Waterfords travel to Commander Winslow's house. Serena thinks they should have stayed in a hotel but Fred reassures them that he is humble and "down to Earth." June and the Waterfords wait in the living room with two birds in a cage. Winslow greets the Waterfords, and then he and Fred talk about the preparations for their ceremony.

George's surrogate daughter, Polly, greets her father and the guests. She is joined by Winslow’s other children, who hug their father. The High Commander's wife Olivia greets the guests and introduces their children to the Waterfords. Serena holds the Winslows' baby in her arms.

High Commander Winslow chats with Commander Waterford while playing snooker. Regarding the Swiss mediation as a triumph, Commander Winslow and Fred drink a toast to the latter. There was sexual tension in this scene, revealing that the High Commander is a gender traitor. Polly then breaks it by inviting over her father and Fred for a tea party.

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Winslow runs into June at Jezebel's. He takes her to a posh suite to talk, asking if Commander Lawrence brought her here. She replies she's there for fun, with the purpose of telling him everything that happens. Winslow opens the doors to the bedroom and asks her to get on the bed and strip her underwear off and lie on the bed face down. When he tries to force himself on her, she fights back and an altercation starts between the two of them, ending in June stabbing him multiple times with a pen and knocking him out with a statue despite his pleas to her that he has kids. His body was later cremated by several Marthas.



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