Heather in horror as her husband harbors a fugitive Handmaid[1]

Heather is a minor character in the second season of The Handmaid's Tale She is an Econowife, and later a Handmaid. She was married to Omar and has a son, Adam.

Omar takes June to his home where Heather doesn't approve of her being there. June plays with their son Adam while Omar and Heather talk. Heather comes back out and tells her that she can't believe she'd give her baby away. The next day the family leaves to go to church leaving June alone. When someone comes knocking at the door, June hides under their bed where she finds a Quran.

Since the family does not return, June dresses in one of Heathers's outfits and leaves the apartment[1].

Aunt Lydia takes June to the river, where men are hanging on The Wall. Lydia identifies one as Omar and informs June that Heather became a Handmaid and the son was given away[2].

Notable quotes Edit

Heather: You're a Handmaid.
June: I was.
Heather: That's how they threaten us, if we're fruitful. With the red dress and the wings. I don't know how you could give your baby up to somebody else.
June: I'm trying not to.
Heather: I would die first.
June: Yeah, I used to think that, too.[1]


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