Hannah's school is a Gileadean school in Brookline, Massachusetts.


God Bless the ChildEdit

While June is waiting to leave the Putnams’ house, Serena Joy creeps close to tell her how she can see Hannah playing outside after lunch at her school.

Under His EyeEdit

June visits a supermarket and chats with the other handmaids. When they're alone, Alma tells June that Frances, the Martha of the MacKenzies, wants to meet up with her. In the frozen section, Frances confirms that her daughter Hannah is at a school in Brookline. June convinces Frances to arrange a meeting with Hannah at her school. Frances tells June to go to the gate where a friend, Parker, will help her.

Later, June and Eleanor Lawrence are on their way to Brookline. June admits that she lied to Eleanor and that she arranged the walk so that she could meet her daughter at her school in Brookline.

Mrs. Lawrence and June approach the school in Brookline, which is heavily guarded by Guardians. They see three children being led out by an aunt with a rope. Mrs. Lawrence approaches the guards, seeking a Guardian named Parker. Though Parker is away, another Guardian speaks to her. Mrs. Lawrence claims that she was promised a tour of the school grounds due to her status as Commander Lawrence's wife.

Only Eleanor is allowed inside the building but June is kept waiting outside the gates. The building rings with the laughter of children playing. June walks around the wall, which is ringed by barbed wire. She skirts the perimeter of the building and tries to make out her daughter’s voice. June cries out to Hannah and presses her hands against the wall. June experiences a flashback of playing with her daughter under a blanket. A high angle shot of June separated from the children by a high wall is made.

Back at the gate, Mrs. Lawrence remonstrates with the Guardians, claiming that she was promised a tour of the school. June returns with two Guardians. One of the Guardians tells June that she won’t stop talking about the children. June explains that Mrs. Lawrence is confused and has health issues. She apologizes for taking advantage of her and leads her home.

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