Genevieve is a minor character in the second season of the TV Series. She is associated with the Canadian government.

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Genevieve is part of the delegation that officially welcomes Fred and Serena Joy Waterford to Canada for diplomatic and trade-related meetings

In this capacity, she accompanies Serena Joy on a tour through a large greenhouse. She asks whether gardening is a common hobby among the Wives of Gilead, and comments that she prefers reading and cooking over gardening and knitting (which she professes to be bad at); Genevieve's hobbies stand in stark contrast to Serena Joy's, in that her hobbies are either illegal for Gilead women or made impractical due to the presence of Marthas.

After letters written by women in the Republic of Gilead are uploaded onto the internet and cause massive negative reactions among the public towards Gilead, Genevieve is present when the Waterfords are ejected from Canada.

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