Frances is a recurring character in The Handmaid's Tale (Series). She is a Martha in the MacKenzie household.


A very caring and motherly figure to Hannah, but also a very protective and restrictive one, especially when it comes to June Osborne.


The Last CeremonyEdit

Commander Waterford puts June in a car and instructs Nick to bring her back in 3 hours. They arrive at the empty summer house of the MacKenzies where inside Hannah is waiting with Frances. June rushes towards her but Hannah gets scared and hides behind Frances. June asks if she remembers her and Hannah nods, Frances telling June that Hannah's name has been changed to Agnes. Hannah asks if it hurt when they hit her on the head and if she tried to find her. June says yes but Hannah asks why she didn't try harder. Hannah tells her that it's okay because she has new parents now. Hannah notices that June is pregnant and tells her that she doesn't get to keep it. The guard says that it's time to go so June tells Hannah that she will always love her and that she should enjoy her life. June asks the Martha to protect and love Hannah, and Frances says that she will. The guard separates them and they leave the house, but Hannah runs back to June. June tells her that she has to go and that she loves her. Hannah leaves leaving June kneeling in the snow as she cries.

Night (Season 3)Edit

June approaches Commander MacKenzie's house, where she looks into their house door and sees Frances. She walks into the house and startles Frances asking "Where is she?" to which Frances tells her that Hannah and the wife are asleep upstairs, and the Commander is away. She goes upstairs despite Frances' pleas.

As June is escorted out of the house, Mrs. MacKenzie stops the Guardian and then asks to speak to her. She tells June that "this has to stop," because of how damaging the interactions between Hannah and June have been. She reveals that Hannah had nightmares for weeks after the secret visit at the summer house. In response to the look on June's face, Mrs. MacKenzie says, "Of course she told me. I'm her mother." Before finally leaving the house June asks what Hannah is like. The two women share a moment of motherhood and love for Hannah. Mrs. MacKenzie asks one more time for June to stop, saying it will only end with June getting shot in front of her daughter. June gets in the last word stating that she is Hannah's mother, creating tensions as she is forcibly dragged out the door.

Under His EyeEdit

She met June at the shop and gave her the information about the Guardian at the front gate of the school in Brookline named Parker. Ofmatthew saw them chatting with each other and reported Frances to Aunt Lydia about this and the Martha, as well as some others, including two Handmaids, were hanged publicly by collective handmaids for this to prevent June from getting in trouble again. June in retaliation strangles Ofmatthew over a shoulder ramp and punishes her severely for what she did to Frances and many others.


Hannah - She was close to Hannah and wasn't happy that June continues to keep doing this to get Hannah out of Gilead because she fears that will put Hannah in danger.




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