"Lucas Bankole, born 29 April, 1980, in Nyack, formerly New York State. He's alive. Please June. Write him something."
          - Flores to Offred [1]

Mr. Flores is a minor character in the first season of the TV Series. He is the assistant to Ambassador Castillo and is part of a Mexican diplomatic and trade mission to the Republic of Gilead.

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"A Woman's Place" Edit

Mr. Flores arrives in the Republic of Gilead along with Ambassador Castillo and other Mexican representatives, as part of a diplomatic and trade mission. He is present at a welcoming meeting in Commander Waterford's home. Upon meeting June (Waterford's Handmaid), she initially assumes that he is the ambassador, but it is quickly revealed that he is instead the assistant. He asks June (who has been introduced as Offred) what her given name from before Gilead was, but she replies that it is no longer used and Waterford explains that Handmaids take on patronymic names when they are assigned to a household (although he makes it sound as though this is a choice and not something that is forced upon the Handmaids).

Flores is later present at a banquet in honor of the Mexican delegation, in which the children of Gilead (specifically, the children from the Boston area) are presented as evidence of the success of the Handmaid program.

The next day, as the delegates are leaving, June tells Flores and Castillo the brutal truth about Gilead. The Handmaid pleads for their help, but Castillo claims that she cannot help June and explains her own country's dire situation with regards to a lack of children.

When Castillo leaves and June is left alone with Flores, he informs her that Luke is alive in Canada, whereas June had assumed he was killed when they were captured at the border (though she did not witness his death, she heard shots being fired and never saw him again). Mr Flores knows Luke's full name, birth date, and birth place, and also reveals that he knows June's real name. Flores then offers to help June contact Luke by sending a message to him.

Three weeks later, in Little America, Rachel Tapping reveals that she is in contact with elements of the Mexican government--including Flores--and passes this message on to Luke.[2]

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