Fiona is a recurring character in the second season of the TV Series.

She is imprisoned as an Unwoman in the Colonies.

After the Takeover Edit

According to Sally, Fiona arrived in the Colonies approximately eleven months before Janine. Upon her arrival, she met and started a relationship with Kit.[1]

In the Present Edit

Season Two Edit

"Unwomen" Edit

Fiona stands alongside Kit and Emily as the body of Mrs. O'Conner is found displayed on a cross.

"Seeds" Edit

Fiona and Kit participate in the enforced morning singing, with Kit clearly struggling to speak.

As the prisoners are being marched to a work site, Kit collapses and has to be supported by Fiona. Kit collapses again while the prisoners are working and has to be take away, leaving Fiona distraught.

Janine organizes a wedding that night for Fiona and Kit, presided over by Sally, a Jewish rabbi, for Fiona and Kit, in order to give them a moment of happiness before Kit dies.

The next morning Kit’s body is carried out for burial in the graveyard, with Sally saying a prayer and Fiona and Janine burying the body.

References Edit

  1. Episode 2.5, "Seeds"
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