Eden Blaine, née Spencer, is a recurring character in season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale, where she is married to Nick Blaine.

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Eden was raised as a true believer in a farm near Westminster, MA. Her mother taught her the basic activities that would be expected from a wife in Gilead; marriage was her biggest dream before her appearance in the series.

Present time, season two Edit

Eden is assigned to Nick as a child-bride in a Prayvaganza mass-marriage ceremony chaired by Commander Pryce. As the Waterfords with June, Nick, and Eden return from the Prayvaganza, Serena leads Eden into Nick's apartment and kindly advises her to enjoy the "act" she’s now required to have[1].

Eden being married to Nick in a group wedding

In a moment alone with June, Nick points out he didn’t have a choice to marry Eden and still thinks about "the three of us". That night, Nick and Eden have dinner at their apartment, where she tells him that her mother taught her "about everything" that would be expected of her as a wife. Nick steps outside to smoke[2].

The next day, Eden tells June about Nick's permanent aloofness, fearing that he is a "gender traitor". She reassures her that he will be "a great father for her children". When Nick runs into June soon after, she insists he has to deflower his wife. That night, Nick and his new bride have sex for the first time[2].

Eden asks Nick if she can spruce up their home and he tells her to do whatever she wants. Nick comes home to Eden and finds that she's organized the house. He sees the stack of letters June was burning on the nightstand and asks her if she read them. She says no and he forbids her from ever touching his things again[3].

Eden takes out the trash and runs into Isaac, the Waterford’s new young Guardian. They share a kiss as Nick watches from the balcony. Eden realizes this and runs up to the house to apologize. He says not to worry about it and Eden asks why he doesn't care that he just caught her cheating on him. He doesn't say anything and Eden realizes that he likes June. Nick tells her that he'd never get involved with a handmaid. She realizes that he just doesn't love her and starts to cry[4].

Eden becomes infatuated with Isaac after receiving little to no affection from Nick in her loveless marriage to him. She later falls in love with Isaac and, taking June’s advice of “finding love wherever you can”, they attempt to escape Gilead together, but are both caught by Gileadean forces. Moments later, they were both put on a diving board above a local swimming pool in front of a terrified public, convicted of infidelity in violation of Exodus 20:14 and were sentenced to death. Eden has only a potential chance to save her own life by “renouncing her sins”, and Nick begs her to do so, but the young econowife chooses to die a martyr’s death via drowning along with her lover, but not before reciting 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to herself and Isaac. This causes Nick to feel immense guilt for having treated her so poorly throughout their short-lived marriage[5].

Her death has a profound effect on Serena, who watched her and Isaac's execution with horror.

It is revealed during a meeting between the Waterfords and Eden's father that he was the one who had turned her over to the Eyes, which surprises June. By doing so, he had contributed to her execution.

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