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The Word[edit | edit source]

June continues to go through Eden's things. She finds a Holy Bible. June goes to see Serena and shows her the bible and how Eden wrote notes all over it. Serena says that Eden has been hiding a multitude of sins. This upsets June who asks Serena how she's gonna raise Nicole. Serena Joy says that she'll be raised properly and understand the Word of God. June says that she won't be able to read it, and leaves, upset.

The next day, June, Emily, Janine and another handmaid are out walking when they pass by the Wall, Eden and Isaac hanging on it. While talking about the young couple's fates, June tells the others that she found a Bible among Eden's possessions.

Serena is over at Naomi's house with the baby. She asks Naomi if she ever worries about her daughter's future. Naomi says that she puts her faith in Gilead. Serena asks if other wives have opinions about this and Naomi says yes. Serena says she'd be interested in hearing them. Naomi agrees.

Serena approaches the Council about an amendment. Other wives walk in after her in support. She tells them about how they want to teach the sons and daughters of Gilead to read. Commander Fred thanks them and that the Council will discuss the issue. Serena pulls out Eden's bible and begins to read. As she does, wives begin to leave. Naomi tells her that she shouldn't have done that. Commander Fred thanks them for coming but essentially dismisses them. The other wives leave but Serena stays behind to talk to her husband. She tells him that she did this to set an example for their daughter. Fred agrees that she has done this just as two other men come and drag Serena away. She screams at him for help but he just walks away.

When Serena and Fred return home, Serena can barely walk so Fred guides her to their room. When Serena and June are alone, Serena begins to unwrap her hand and shows her that they took one of her fingers. She says that she tried and June sits on the bed and holds her hand.[1]

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