Dr. Yates is a character in The Handmaid's Tale. He is a doctor in the hospital where the brain-dead Natalie is kept on life support throughout her pregnancy.





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June attempts to stab Serena Waterford with a scalpel she had stolen from the medical waste disposal box. Serena fights back and slices June in the hand, as she disarms her. Serena alerts Dr. Yates but tells him that June cut herself in order to protect her from further repercussions.

June is initially afraid of Dr. Yates but he outwardly buys Serena's story that June cut herself in despair. While stitching her wounds, Yates expresses sympathy for her, privately praising her for taking on Serena. June confides that her mother once worked as a doctor who delivered babies. When she discloses her mother's name, Yates laughs, as he knows her well. Yates confides that his patient is Natalie's baby but explains that he is saving the babies in order to honour their mothers. And then he asks June "so how will you honour your daughters?". It makes her really stop and think, realising that she needs to refocus and get back on track. Later, amongst her last words to Natalie is "your son doesn't deserve to live in Gilead - he deserves to be free .... they all do", promising to get him and as many children as she can, out.



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  • He wears the star of a Commander on his clothing.

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