Dr. Grove is a character in The Testaments. He is a Professional due to his highly skilled position as a dentist. He is allowed to have his daughter, Becka, educated as a Daughter rather than an Econodaughter, and is even allocated a Handmaid.


Dr. Grove and his wife forcibly adopted Becka from her original parents.

Dr. Grove was allocated a Handmaid, who gave birth to an Unbaby born without a brain.

When going for her dental checkup, Agnes is sexually assaulted by Dr. Grove. Becka also later reveals that she was severely sexually assaulted by Grove as a child.

Lydia hears Becka's confession, and decides to take revenge on Grove years later by framing him for an attempted rape of Aunt Elizabeth. At the trial, he quotes the Biblical story of Pophitar's wife to defend himself, but is deemed guilty. He is particicuted on the same day as a gray-market lemon trader, screaming "I didn't do it!" as Elizabeth oversees his particicution.


The ambulancemen mentioned in VI Household are Angels, which suggests that doctors can be classed Angels as well.

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