Dr. Epstein is a minor character in the second season of the TV Series. He is a neonatologist who works in a Gileadean hospital.

Before the Takeover Edit

In 2012, Dr. Epstein attended an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) seminar on therapeutic hypothermia, which is where he first met Dr. Hodgson. He apparently developed a deep respect and admiration for Dr. Hodgson at or after this seminar, judging from his pleasure and relief at her being able to examine Angela when the baby begins to feel very unwell.[1]

In the Present Edit

Season Two Edit

"Women's Work" Edit

Dr. Epstein is tasked with treating Angela Putnam when the baby falls ill.

When Dr. Hodgson is brought to the hospital because of her expertise, Dr. Epstein escorts her to where Angela is being examined and briefs her on the situation. They run some tests on the baby, which appear to be unsuccessful. Dr. Epstein is later tasked with breaking this bad news to Warren and Naomi Putnam, with the latter reacting angrily to the news.

References Edit

  1. Episode 2.8, "Women's Work"
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