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Dan and Emily decide to resist the homophobic policy[1]

Dan is a minor character in the second season of The Handmaid's Tale (TV series). He was a college professor and Emily's supervisor prior to the rise of Gilead.


In the past before Gilead, Emily is seen giving a lecture on microbiology. After the class, Emily chats with her coworker Dan, one of the staff, about getting more research time. She's told that she's not teaching next semester and that she should think of this as an opportunity. They are concerned that she isn't maintaining a healthy teaching environment, but this is mainly due to the fact that Emily is a lesbian and keeps a picture of her wife Sylvia and their son on her phone. Dan reveals that he moved all pictures of his partner named Paul from his office. Emily complains that they can’t “scare us back into the closet”. Dan then says that there is unrest because of the “terrorist attack” in Washington. Ignoring the threats, Emily tells him that she's teaching next semester anyway[2].

Emily sees a homophobic slur spray-painted on the ground below her while walking across a bridge. She runs down to see Dan hanging from the rafters[2].

It is unknown if he was killed by Sons of Jacob supporters and hanged to look like a suicide.


Paul- Same-sex partner


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