The Council is a board of local Commanders and a regional governmental body inside the Gileadean administration. It is initially chaired by Commander Pryce[1], who is later replaced by Commander Waterford after his death in the Red Center Bombing[2][3].

The Council is first seen in Night hearing the case of Commander Putnam who is accused of committing adultery due to an affair with his handmaid. Waterford is all for leniency, reminding that no one is free of mistakes and that Warren Putnam has a family, a wife and a new child. Pryce replies that the council should always stand against sin, and that Mrs. Putnam herself has asked that her husband receive the harshest punishment possible, as she fears for his immortal soul and knows that he must make an offering to God to find redemption. Ultimately, Putnam's left hand is amputated[1].

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