Commander Kyle (Novels)

This article is about the adoptive father of Agnes. You may be looking for Kyle (Series), a former U.S. Army soldier from the TV series.

Commander Kyle is a character in The Testaments. He is the adopted father of Agnes.

Story Edit

Commander Kyle was never allotted a Handmaid during his first marriage, as he and his Wife, Tabitha, had already adopted Agnes after her separation from her parents, Luke and Offred. However, he was important enough that he had three Marthas serving him: Rosa, Vera, and Zilla.

His first Wife passed away when their adopted daughter, Agnes, was still a young Daughter. Several months later, he married the widowed Wife of Commander Saunders, Paula, who he had been having an affair with even before Tabitha's death. Paula did not consider Agnes her daughter, and thus Kyle and Paula successfully applied for a Handmaid, Ofkyle. Ofkyle fell pregnant with a son, Mark, though she died in childbirth.

Kyle and Paula planned to marry Agnes to the powerful Commander B. Frederick Judd. Agnes instead became a Supplicant Aunt. Kyle was convinced to sign Agnes over to the Aunts as they knew about Paula's murder of her first husband.

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