Commander Horace is a recurring character in the second season of the TV Series. He serves as a recently promoted Commander in the Republic of Gilead .

In the PresentEdit

Season TwoEdit

"The Last Ceremony "Edit

Commander Horace is present at the Waterfords' house after June goes into (false) labour. He is congratualted by both Commander Putnam and Commander Waterford on his recent promotion, which came about as a result of his Wife's pregnancy. When Waterford comments that this means Horace will not require a Handmaid , Horace agrees and expresses hope that all future Commanders will be blessed in the same way he and his Wife have been. Waterford quickly excuses himself from the conversation at this point, seemingly uncomfortable with the subtle reminder of his reliance on a Handmaid for a child.

"Postpartum "Edit

Horace is present in Waterford's new office alongside Commander Grinnel while Waterford is getting settled. He and Grinnel quickly leave the room as Nick enters with the Waterfords' new family portrait. 


Season TwoEdit

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