Commander Glen Deeds is a minor character in the first and second seasons of the TV series, as well as an unseen character in the novel.

He is a Commander in the Republic of Gilead, as well as (presumably) being a member of the Sons of Jacob. He lives next door to Commander Waterford and is the head of the household in which Emily and later Lillie Fuller are enslaved as Handmaids.

In the Novel Edit

Commander Glen (whose last name is unrevealed in the novel) is an unseen character, and is only referenced through the appearances of the two successive handmaids enslaved in his household, who act as Offred's shopping partners and (in the case of the first Ofglen) a contact for Mayday.

In the TV Series Edit

Present: Season One Edit

Deeds's Handmaid, Emily Malek is dismissed from his household after her gender treachery with Martha 6715-301 is discovered. He is instead allocated Lillie Fuller, who becomes the second Ofglen.

"A Woman's Place" Edit

Deeds is present at Commander Waterford's home for a meeting with the Mexican ambassador. He later attends a banquet in the ambassador's honor.

Present: Season Two Edit

"After" Edit

Although unseen, Commander Cushing orders the execution of Deeds and his entire household in retaliation for the attack his Handmaid carries out on the new Rachel and Leah Center, which kills thirty-one Handmaids and twenty-six Commanders.

Notes Edit

Although the character is initially credited as Glen Cooper,[1] dialogue in Season Two establishes the character's last name as Deeds.[2] This wiki will assume that dialogue within the show takes precedence over credits, meaning that the latter name will be taken as canon.

References Edit

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