Commander Davidson is a minor character in the first season of the TV Series. He serves as a Commander in the Republic of Gilead and is a frequent visitor to Jezebel's. Commander Waterford describes him as a "kiss-ass" who "goes where the wind blows"[1] by keeping close with men who are higher ranked, such as Waterford and Commander Pryce.


Season One Edit

"Jezebels" Edit

Davidson is seen at Jezebel's when he makes an advance towards June Osbourne, who has been sneaked into the brothel and whom Davidson presumes is a new prostitute. He remarks that he has not seen her there before, suggesting he is a frequent visitor. Waterford then tells Davidson that June is with him, and Davidson promptly leaves while congratulating Waterford on his recent work with a Mexican delegation.

Season Two Edit

Davidson's status following the attack on the new Rachel and Leah Center is unknown, although it is possible he was one of the twenty-six Commanders killed.[2]

References Edit

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