Commander Raymond "Ray" Cushing is a recurring character in the second season of the TV series. He serves as a Commander in Gilead, as well as (presumably) being a member of the Sons of Jacob.

Before the Takeover Edit

According to Serena Joy, Cushing "was a blowhard" before the rise of Gilead. He and his wife Sonia at some point used to vacation with the Waterfords in Antigua.[1]

In the Present Edit

"Other Women" Edit

Cushing participates in a clay-pigeon shooting with other Commanders (among them Putnam, Pryce, and Waterford) He tells them he is soon heading to Canada in an effort to convince the Canadian government to ease their sanctions on Gilead.

"First Blood" Edit

Cushing is seen inspecting the almost finished construction site of the new Rachel and Leah Center, alongside Commanders Putnam, Pryce, and Waterford, as well as Aunt Lydia. When the Center is completed, Cushing is present for the opening ceremony and is injured during Ofglen's attack.[1]

"After" Edit

Cushing and Putnam visit a severely-injured Waterford in the hospital after Ofglen's attack. Since Pryce was killed during the attack and Waterford is confined to the hospital, Cushing places himself in charge of security-related matters. He increases checkpoints and Guardian presence throughout the city and arranges for numerous executions, including Commander Deeds, his entire household, and random civilians in the street.

He later visits June and interrogates her regarding her supposed kidnapping, revealing his (correct) suspicions that she attempted to flee Gilead with help from the resistance. When she refuses to confess or implicate the Waterfords in her escape attempt, Cushing leaves and orders a random Martha shot in the streets while she is reaching for her pass, as a display of his power and authority to June.

After June discusses Cushing's visit with Serena Joy, Serena visits Nick in his apartment and enlists his help in forging an arrest warrant for Cushing. When Cushing later arrives for another visit, he is stripped of his position and taken into custody for apostasy and treason by Putnam and the Eyes.


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