Commander Derek Chambers is a minor character in the first season of the TV Series. He serves as a Commander in the Republic of Gilead, as well as (presumably) being a member of the Sons of Jacob.

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Commander Chambers is present at Commander Waterford's home for a meeting with the Mexican ambassador. He later attends a banquet in the ambassador's honor.

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Chambers' status in the aftermath of the attack on the new Rachel and Leah Center is unknown, although it is possible he was one of the twenty-six Commanders killed.[1]

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Evidence from "A Woman's Place" suggests that Leah may be the Wife of Commander Chambers; at the initial meeting with the Mexican ambassador in Waterford's home, four Commanders (Waterford, Putnam, Chambers, and Deeds) are present along with four Wives (Serena Joy, Naomi, Leah, and one unnamed Wife); since Commander Deeds was purged along with his entire household in the aftermath of the Rachel and Leah Center bombing, Leah's continued appearances post "After" suggest that she was not the Wife of Commander Deeds, and, since it would be unusual in Gilead for a Wife to be present at such an affair without her husband, it seems likely that Leah is Chambers' Wife; however, subsequent confirmation is needed before this is accepted as canon.

References Edit

  1. Episode 2.6, "First Blood"
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