Claudine Fournier is a minor character in the second season of the TV Series. She serves as the Canadian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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"Smart Power "Edit

Claudine is part of the delegation that officially welcomes Fred and Serena Joy Waterford to Canada for diplomatic and trade-related meetings. During the welcome, she converses briefly in French with Commander Waterford and seems vaguely uncomfortable with interacting with him. 

After letters written by women in the Republic of Gilead are uploaded onto the internet and cause massive negative reactions among the public towards Gilead, Commander Waterford is informed that the meetings between himself and the delegation will no longer continue, and that he and his wife are to leave Canada immediately. Claudine watches this with a look of cold disdain, which changes to one of disgust as Commander Waterford snarls an insult at the Canadians. As the two depart, Claudine remarks to Serena Joy that she does not know how the latter can live with herself, adding that "its sad" what Gilead has turned her into. 


Season TwoEdit

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