A catch phrase or a recurring phrase (memetic phrases) is a word, phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance and/or revealing a character's unique feature. Some catch phrases become the de facto "trademark" of the character(s) with whom they originated.

This is a page which lists the frequent appearance of certain thematically important phrases spoken by different characters at different times. This page is arranged alphabetically, and then within each phrase, by episode/chapter chronology.


Memetic phrasesEdit

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"Better for everyone"Edit

  • Better never means better for everyone. It always means worse, for some. - Commander Fred to Offred'. (XII Jezebels, section 32)
  • We only wanted to make the world better. Better never means better for everyone. It always means worse for some. - Fred Waterford reveals (to Offred) a political conviction (Episode 5, "Faithful")


  • We aren't concubines. We're two-legged wombs. - Offred reflecting on her new social role. (Episode 1.1, "Offred")

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"It doesn't matter what I think"Edit

  • "It doesn't matter what I think." - Rita reluctantly advances her opinion. (Episode 2.9, "Smart Power").
  • What I think doesn't matter. Which is the only reason he can tell me things. - Offred about her relationship to Commander Fred. (XII Jezebels, section 32)

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"Us and them"Edit

There has to be an "us". Because there is a "them" now. - Offred about the existence of a resistance group. (Episode 2, "Birth Day")


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