Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America, located to the north of the hostile Gilead and to the east of the Anchorage Government.

Geography Edit

Canada occupies much of North America, sharing land borders with Gilead to the south, and the state of Alaska, which is still controlled by the rump United States government, to the northwest.

Since Gilead may be a "rump state" consisting of the eastern seaboard and Rust Belt states of the USA, there's a possibility that Gilead's land borders with Canada are limited to three Canadian provinces - Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick (The limitation of Gilead's borders at three Canadian provinces would be confirmed in the Season 2 finale with the map of Gilead's sharing it's borders with Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick in the east while rebel forces control America's borders with Canada in the west).

Government and society Edit

Canada apparently remains a constitutional democracy and also still remains a British Commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II still head of state. Following the fall of the mainland United States to the autocratic Gilead. Canada maintains a free press that has interviewed Americans who have escaped from Gilead.[1]

The United States government-in-exile still maintains a consulate in the city of Toronto, which is also home to a sizable American refugee population in the "Little America" quarter.[2] The Canadian Armed Forces has also been active in assisting the rump United States in its war with Gilead with news reports of Canadian and British Army units taking up positions on the Canada-Gilead border.

Government officials Edit

References Edit

  1. In Episode 4, "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum," it is mentioned that an Aunt from the red center in Needham (a suburb of Boston) escaped to Canada and gave an interview about the handmaid program to the Toronto Star.
  2. Episode 7, "The Other Side."
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