Brianna is a character in The Handmaid's Tale.

Brianna[1] is a recurring character in the first, second, and third seasons of the TV Series. She is a Handmaid and presumably was trained at the Rachel and Leah Center. She is frequently seen alongside Dolores, suggesting the two may be shopping partners. Her patronymic is Oferic.





Season One Edit

"Offred" Edit

When June and Emily are shopping in a local marketplace, they encounter Brianna and Dolores (Ofsamuel), who attempt to offer June advice for settling in in her new posting.

"Night" Edit

Brianna is present at Janine's attempted stoning, and is one of the first Handmaids (after June and Alma) to throw down her stone and refuse to execute Janine. Aunt Lydia sends all of the Handmaids home with the promise of future consequences for their defiance.

Season Two Edit

"After" Edit

Brianna survives Lillie's attack on the new Rachel and Leah Center, and is later shopping in a marketplace with her fellow Handmaids. When June grabs her arm and reveals her real name to her, Brianna replies with her real name and introduces herself with it to Alma. This act is part of a chain in which the Handmaids spread their real names among themselves.

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References Edit

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