The Boston Globe Massacre is an event of The Handmaid's Tale (TV series) which happens in the Boston Globe press building in the aftermath of the D.C. attacks[1].

After the Takeover[edit | edit source]

During the print of a newspaper edition, the staff of the press building was rounded up and machine-gunned in the basement. Apart from the bodies being removed the place seems to be abandoned and untouched by that time[1].

Present time, season two[edit | edit source]

In the building, June wanders down to the basement, where she stumbles upon a line of nooses hung on the rafters. She then turns to the wall, which is stained with blood and littered with bullet holes. June is horrified and sickened at the sight of what was obviously a massacre, and briefly cries in silence. Later she grabs a box, goes desk to desk and picks stuff from each one to put into it. She sets up a candle vigil for the people who had been murdered downstairs[1].

References[edit | edit source]

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