Aunt Sally is a character in The Testaments.


Aunt Sally is a young Aunt in the role of a Pearl Girl, missionaries from Gilead who go abroad to recruit other women.

She visits The Clothes Hound in Toronto with her partner, Aunt Adrianna, where the legendary Baby Nicole - known as Daisy - lived with her adopted parents Neil and Melanie. Soon afterwards, Adrianna was found dead in a rented condo, her own silvery belt tied around her neck, which the police identified as a suicide.

Sally went missing shortly afterwards. She returns to Gilead, and confesses to Aunt Lydia that she killed Adrianna after she began to attack Sally. Adrianna's behavior is chalked up to the debilitating environment of Canada, but her filing a hasty report on the possible whereabouts of Baby Nicole leads to her being sent away to recover at the Margery Kempe Retreat House[1].

References Edit

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