Aunt Elizabeth is a recurring character in the first and second seasons of the TV Series, as well as a minor character in the novel. She serves as an Aunt at the Rachel and Leah Center and is responsible--along with other Aunts--for the training and indoctrination of Handmaids.

In the Novel Edit

Aunt Elizabeth serves at the Rachel and Leah Center and is responsible for training and indoctrinating Handmaids. In this capacity, she, along with Aunt Sara, patrols the gymnasium where the Handmaids-in-training sleep and is permitted to carry a cattle-prod.[1] She is also the Aunt responsible for teaching Gyn-Ed to the Handmaids, and as such is present at the birth of Janine's child.[2]

Aunt Elizabeth is on washroom duty during Moira's second escape attempt. When Moira complains that the toilet is overflowing, Aunt Elizabeth attempts to fix it and is attacked by Moira. She leads Aunt Elizabeth into the basement, forces her to switch clothes with her, and ties her to a furnace. Offred later speculates that Aunt Elizabeth was likely interrogated about the escape, since the possibility of collusion would not have been ruled out.[3]

In the TV Series Edit

After the Takeover Edit

Aunt Elizabeth is first seen in the series in a flashback to June's time at the Center, where she yells at Moira that her time is up in the bathroom. She is then seen helping Aunt Lydia instruct June, Moira, Janine, and other Handmaids-in-training on the specifics of the Ceremony.[4]

In another flashback, June leads Aunt Elizabeth to the bathroom on the pretext of a toilet overflowing; in actuality, Moira is waiting in the bathroom to ambush her. June and Moira lead Aunt Elizabeth into the basement and, despite her pleas, force her to undress and tie her to a pipe. Moira takes her clothes in order to disguise herself as an Aunt, in an effort to escape with June; while Moira is (temporarily) successful, June is quickly recaptured. Aunt Lydia has her tied down and a vengeful Aunt Elizabeth whips her feet repeatedly as punishment.[4]

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"A Woman's Place" Edit

Aunt Elizabeth is present at the banquet in honor of the Mexican ambassador.

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"June" Edit

Aunt Elizabeth aids Aunt Lydia in carrying out and overseeing the punishment of the Handmaids in the aftermath of their refusal to stone Janine; she informs Aunt Lydia of June's pregnancy and, along with Aunt Lydia, takes her inside to dry off.

"Postpartum" Edit

Aunt Elizabeth assists Aunt Lydia and another Aunt in helping June to pump breast milk. She comments that less milk has been produced than the day before.

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