Another Night Of Protests is the headline of a newspaper article documenting the activity of women's rights activists in the pre-Gilead era of the United States of America. The clipping is briefly seen on June's clipping wall in the editorial office room of the Boston Globe facility, as part of June's attempt to document the origins of Gilead[1].

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Protesters take to the streets once again as a reaction against civil rights infringements

WORCESTER – A small but determined group of protesters hit the streets once again last night to demonstrate against what they see as increasing, sweeping infringements of human rights […] […] with signs proclaiming “WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS” and “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE,” this nearly female confederacy of [??] has become a constant [??] in Worcester these past few months. “They are growing the mass hysteria to control us and take away our civil liberties” says organizer Lilith Chambers. “We’re getting our rights stripped away and we’re so scared of some elusive external force we don’t even notice. It’s our duty to speak out, no matter how small a group is willing to do it.” And it’s a small group, indeed. At their peak several months ago, these grass-roots marches boasted a roster of barely a hundred people, and the number has declined by the week. “I’ll march alone if I have to,” says Mrs. Chambers. Soon, she just might be.


In the abandoned Boston Globe facility, June is seen listening to a recording of an interview with an early "Sons of Jacob" member and digging through newspapers cutting out clippings. She pins the clippings to a wall under categories like 'Origins of Gilead', 'Power Structure', 'Militarization', and 'Curtailment of Civil Rights'. While staring at the wall, she 'tells' the clippings in a voiceover "You were there all the time but no one noticed you". She adds "not no one" and then thinks about her mom and how she took her to a rally once where people were tossing the names of their rapists into the fire[1].


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