Adultery is a punishable crime in Gilead, under reference to the Commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery (Exodus 20:14).

Prosecution of AdulteryEdit

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In Night (Season 1), a Commander is convicted of an illegal sexual affair with his Handmaid. He, as ordered by his wife, receives the "harshest punishment possible" for a Commander, which is amputation of the left hand, though only an "admonishment" was expected prior to the trial [1].

In Unwomen, a Wife is sentenced to penal radioactive labor in the Colonies for adultery, while her husband, presumably a Commander, got away with an affair with a Handmaid and eventually "got promoted".

In Postpartum, an Econowife and her lover, a Guardian, are both drowned to death in an indoor swimming pool for adultery, or in Gilead terms "infidelity".

References Edit

  1. Serena Waterford in The Bridge
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