Ada is a novel character in The Testaments.


In the PastEdit

Early Gilead PeriodEdit

Somewhere south of Vermont, Nicole's mother hands her baby to trusted Mayday members, among them Ada, who manages to smuggle Nicole across the border to Canada in in a backpack[1].

Present TimeEdit

IV The Clothes Found Edit

On Daisy’s birthday, Ada picks her up from school and tells her that her "parents" are murdered by a car bomb.

VIII Carnarvon Edit

Ada brings Daisy to SanctuCare, a Gilead refugee camp that her parents had been involved with, and then to a worn down apartment. The next day, Ada informs Daisy that Neil and Melanie weren’t her real parents. Her real parents are in Gilead, and she is Baby Nicole.

XII Carpitz Edit

Ada fills Nicole/Daisy in on more details about Gilead.

XXVI Landfall Edit

In their boat, Nicole and Agnes row furiously and make it to Canada. They are met by Ada and Garth and airlifted to the Refugee Medical Centre.

References Edit

  1. Chapter XII Carpitz, section 31
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